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We are located on Mount Desert Island, Maine, the second largest and one of the most beautiful islands on the east coast of the United States. Acadia National Park is our back yard. Please join us for worship when you visit.

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting, Part 1
Sunday, January 28
Following the 9 AM Service

Please join us for the fellowship, food, and
important discussions about our beloved parish.
On Sunday House Church will be held at the home of John
and Maude March in Seal Harbor at 10 AM. No service will be held at St. Mary’s at the Sea.
If you need directions please call the parish office.

Worship Services

St. Mary’s by-the-Sea
20 South Shore Drv. Northeast Harbor

•Worship at 9 am

St. Mary’s Chapel
5 Kimball Rd. Northeast Harbor

•Closed for renovation

St. Jude’s Church
277 Peabody Drv. Seal Harbor

•July & August
•Resumes June 24, 2018

Sunset Services

•Sundays at Rosserne
•Resumes July 2018

The Parish of St. Mary and St. Jude
P.O. Box 105, Northeast Harbor, Maine 04662 Tel: 207.276.5588 Fax: 207.276.3220   E-mail: ssmaryjudemdi@gmail.com